Sex Is Everything We Do

Sex is omnipresent, and one of the principal motives behind our ever action and decision we make as humans. Sexual fantasies, sexual scenes in movies, daydreams of sexual interaction with the girl next door, to imaginings of hooking up with that hot guy in the leather jacket, the desire for sex is inescapable.

We have all heard the popular saying that “sex sells”, which has so many connotation, but for most people, when they hear that quote, they automatically think in terms of prostitution, strip clubs, and escort services, while thats a part of it, it is merely one small side of a larger equation


Think of your favorite early rock stars such as members of Led Zeppelin, Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, these icons seem to emanate an aura of intense sexuality. Their very sex appeal has amassed to them a cult like following of both teenage girls, and male fans who imitate their every move, from the way they dress, talk, walk, and behave. In recent entertainment, female artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna have had such a potent sexual effect on men in ways that stimulates their deepest, innermost sexual fantasies. From every sexual innuendos in their songs, to their half naked clothing in their music videos, only adds to increased radio plays, and record breaking album sales. Sex sells.


Marketers and Advertising Agents know that our reptilian brain, the oldest part of our brain, the part that only desires sexual intercourse, can be a used to market products.
It is said that the average human attention span is an estimate of ten minutes,vbut the ruse of advertising is that advertisers know that whenever they use a sexy blond in their car commercial, our reptilian brain, the sex craved part of our brain, pays undivided attention for an extra 10 seconds or more, resulting in potential car sales.


Sex is, and has always been its own market , and has always had an insatiable demand.
From the earliest biblical times, we often hear scriptural references to harlots and brothels, and now, in modern day , we are entertained by strippers in strip clubs, prostitutes in bathhouses, and artificial sexual stimuli in porngraphy.
The porn industry itself has become a billion dollar industry.


As a society, we have developed a secret fear of sex. Whenever the topic of sex is brought up, we feel uncomfortable, and our chest begins to tighten up. Even the idea of educating our adolescents about sex is seen as dreadful and deeply uncomfortable.
We have made sex, the most natural thing on earth, unnatural.


Take for example, a man who actively enjoys dating strippers, and having sexual relations with escorts and prostitutes. In a society that not only views the subject of sex as unspeakable, the very idea of a man paying a woman money for sexual favors is utterly shameful. A bizarre irony to society is that if that same guy were to go to vegas and hook up with an escort, he would be granted a imaginary pass, because like we all know “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas”


Not only is sex a driving force in our personal lives, but it also has the power to determine who holds the position of the highest office in the land; The Presidency. This might come as a shock to many, but a candidates sex appeal often plays a major role whether or not he gets elected as President. Scientists hypothesis that the overall selection for physically striking leaders is a prime example of a “halo effect.” The “halo effect” or the reason we desire physical appealing authority figures, is beause as humans, we have an inbuilt flaw of projecting positive character traits to physically attractive people. The reason we chose the alluring John F. Kennedy, a man who resembled a Hollywood star, over a stoic, stern Richard Nixon, and the charismatic Barrack Obama, over the elderly John McCain is mainly because of their striking physical appeal.


One was controversially impeached, while the other is endlessly admitted, adored and thought to have been living every teenage boys fantasy. Yes, I am referring to Bill Clinton, and John F Kennedy, the 42nd and 35th Presidents of the United States. While President Clinton was impeached for his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, outside wedlock, Clinton and his secretive sexual relationship with Marilyn was given a Romeo & Juliet, star crossed lovers connotation.
Truth is, men in power are not immune to the potent impulse of sex, but the major distinction between the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and the idolization of Kennedy and Monroe, is the manner in which their affairs were sold to the public.

What Atou Know About Escorts In Vegas And What You Don’t Know About Escorts In Vegas

Escorts in Las Vegas have a certain reputation, good and bad, and this reputation can sometimes lead to inaccurate assumptions about them. Understanding what is true, and untrue, about Las Vegas escorts can make the process of visiting them more understandable for your trip out there.

Visiting Vegas Escorts Is Expensive

This one is neither false or true and depends entirely on your outlook and tastes. Escorts in Vegas can be expensive VIPs, or more affordable options are available to johns using escort services. While you may be more frugal and find any money spent on an escort to be an expensive proposition there are certainly relatively inexpensive options out there. In fact affordable options at $300 an hour can provide relatively attractive women escorts. While these escorts may not be runway escorts that look like models at this price, you can find these runway escorts models at higher costs and fill the ultimate fantasy of being with a model. The escorts in Vegas come in any number of firms and are a great way of experiencing high end escorts, or simply trying something a bit different and more affordable as an option.

Only Low Class Women Go Into Escort Work

This one is certainly untrue. You would be amazed at the variety of women who go into escort work and there is no end of the variety out there. You can find women with Ivy League educations and also women who have little to no education. Classy women, educated, students, and moms are all working in escort work and you can find an option that meets your interests and desires. The truth is that when you visit an escort you are not destined to use an undesirable and the world is an option. Las Vegas escorts are found at Runaway Escorts either. Many are not running away from anything or part of a sex trade. Most escorts in Vegas are just interested in earning some extra money. While runaway escorts certainly exist, they are far from the norm and you should not feel if you are harming someone when you visit an escort. Most are being helped to accomplish their goals when you visit them.

Vegas Has The Best Options For Escorts

In the U.S., Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal and many people who are interested in becoming escorts flock to the state. This, combined with the large number of tourists in the state due to the attraction of gambling, conventions, shows, and other nightlife, mean that there is a significant amount of money in the state all who may contribute to the escort agency. The volume and economic situation for escorts and business means that there are many escorts who fill this need. More so than anywhere else, Las Vegas remains an place which has one of the greatest varieties of escorts in the world and where a John can find whatever he is looking for.

About that Legal Status

Many people think and accept that escorting and prostitution are legal in Las Vegas. The situation is more murky than that and prostitution is heavily monitored and regulated by authorities. While prostitution is legal in Nevada it is only so outside of the city of Las Vegas, borders and only in certain instances. You can’t simply solicit an prostitute off of the street. You will need to visit a ranch to do so legally and without issue. While it isn’t technically legal prostitution is less vigorously prosecuted in Las Vegas than other places and the vast number of escorts out there make it easy to find an escort without any risk of getting into trouble for it.

Visiting Vegas Escorts is Risky

Many people are afraid of visiting escorts for fear of getting caught by spouses or by being blackmailed, or out of fear of an sexually transmitted disease, as well as in simply being ripped off. While there are risks that remain in all things, particularly sex related, the risks are lower than you might think if you use protection and are smart about it. Be careful and screen your escorts to make sure they use protection and act safely as well, and drastically decrease your chance for contracting a disease or experiencing an poor time. Using escort agencies and independent escorts that have solid reputations in the industry can help as well and provide you with an outlet if you are ripped off in the process.

It is important to do your own research and understand what you are getting into when you visit an escort in Vegas. Ultimately the risks are not as high as you may worry about and the costs and considerations are more muted than people think. The one risk that remains is that you may become hooked on visiting escorts and devote a significant amount of your time and money to doing so. But that is hardly a bad thing. Isn’t it?

Casinos and how they design to keep you inside

Have you ever made a trip to a casino and thought that you’d just stop in, spend a little bit of money and leave in an hour, only to end up broke five or more hours later when you do leave? If you answered “yes” to this question, you’re not alone. Casinos have a special way to hook you in and keep you there for hours – without you even realizing it. They are designed to keep you in a money-giving haze for hours, below are some tricks that almost every casino makes to keep you inside their doors all day.

The “Labyrinth” Design
The ever-going sea of machines and tables create confusion and obstacles that will keep players from leaving. Clusters of the same machines are scattered everywhere and often leave players lost and confused.

Along with twists and turns, most casino-goers mistakenly think they can just turn back the same way. What they won’t realize is that the pathway leading out is different and completely unfamiliar. The taller machines are the most spread out and take up most of the floor and cause barriers to the players and the exit. Modern casinos will have a lower ceiling design, which prevents players from seeing any help out and causes them to stay, play and spend more money.

Free Alcohol
This should be the most transparent way casinos keep their players inside. Not many people will turn down a free drink. You can find cocktail waitresses all over the casino floor, with trays full of free alcohol. Offering free alcohol throughout the night is how casinos keep their players happy and feeling good.

Not only does it make players feel good, but alcohol can make the smartest players sloppy. An alcohol buzz can ruin a player’s strategy, and it can make them more liberal with their money. Putting down too many free drinks could be the difference between leaving a casino with a little more cash and leaving broke.

Other Free Things
Casinos often offer reduced or free services; this isn’t the casino being nice to their players. Giving out freebies could keep a player gambling for hours. Receiving a freebie could make a guest want to play that didn’t want to play before. It also gives the illusion that the players are winning, especially if they aren’t.

Freebies are only one trick that casino owners have up their sleeve to keep players inside their casinos. Whenever they give out freebies, otherwise known as comps, they are making hundreds of dollars back from the same people who are receiving their freebies.

Near Wins
Every game in a casino is designed to let players win small in a short period of time but the longer they stay, the more they lose. Why do the players keep staying and playing? They keep getting near wins that keep them thinking they are going to win eventually. It makes them overestimate their chances of winning, Near wins are the most important part of a casino’s success. If the players don’t like their chances of winning, they will move on eventually.

Service Locations
If a player or guest wants to use the bathroom, get some food or cash out their chips, they have to go through a maze of machines and tables. This maze often goes deep into the casino and is the casino’s last ditch effort to keep guests and players inside. They will often keep these services as far away as the can. They do this to interest guests that don’t want to play into playing or to interest a player that has just cashed in their winnings to try their luck at a different game. It is all set up to get more money out of people.

The Decor
Casinos are always trying to make their players feel like they are at home. One of the ways they accomplish that is the dim lighting. They want their players to stay in their seats longer and know that giving them the feeling of safety and security will do so.

Casinos pick their carpeting to keep players inside as well. Most people think their carpets are tacky but don’t realize that casino designers pick the patterned designs on purpose. Studies show that they are mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye. Most casinos choose red for the color of their walls because it can evoke a safe and comfortable feeling.

Casinos will often play soft music to get their players in a trance-like state of mind.
Casinos are kept clean, calm and inviting in the hopes that players will stay and play longer.

The General Activity
When players walk into a casino, they will hear bells ringing, see siren-like lights, hear change clanging, and much more. These sights and sounds are overwhelming so players will see and hear that people are winning, even if they are losing. The general activity going on inside a casino, from people making happy noises to their happy dances, are almost like a magnet to others who want to feel that happy and feel like they’re going to win.

No Windows or Clocks
Casinos don’t have any windows or clocks for two reasons. Not many people carry around watches and will also keep their phones on silent and forget about them. If there are no windows or clocks around, it makes it harder for players to realize how much time they are wasting. Casinos also don’t want any distractions from the outside world to make a player get up and out of the casino. Time can fly if one is having fun and so can their money.

Just because casinos use these tricks to keep you inside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. If you want to visit a casino remember to only take what you can afford to </strong>lose</strong>, keep your phone with you at all times and don’t fall to their tricks when entering their labyrinth-like design.

Ten Things Your Competitors Know About Selling Their Clothing Designs

There are ten things that your competitors know about selling their designs that you do not know. You should try doing all these things when you are selling, and you will find out a lot if you are using all ten of these things.

They market their brand with good people that are very consistent, and they will find someone who is going to stay with them to make sure that they are going to look a certain way.

They are going to use the same logo and marketing at all times because they want to know that they are going to be easy to recognize. The company is going to use the right logo, and they are going to make it easy for everyone to find them.

The company is going to make sure that all their colors are going to look great. They are going to stay consistent with the brand to make sure that it is going to be easy for people find when they are shopping. There are a lot of people who will come to the company for colors, and they will keep getting those colors.

The company is going to make sure that they keep the things that they are going to be popular. They do not annoy their customers, and they do not cause problems for the people who love their brand.

The company is going to make sure that they are going to sell on the designs that are trending. The trending designs are going to be marketed, and they are going to make it easier to stay with the trends.

The trends that are going on in the industry are going to be much easier to follow, and the company is going to make sure that they are going to have the trends going. The best thing that is going to happen to the company, and there are many people who are going to like to see the trends that are going to be nice to see.

The company is going make sure that they are going to have a lot of time to get all their designs together to release to the public. They will make sure that all the things that they are going to sell are going to be online. They have all their stuff set up to make sure that they are visible. They are visible so that people will find them, and they are going to stay that way for as long as possible.

The company is going to start looking at ways that they can make sure that they are going to interact with all the people that are buying from the,. They want to interact, and they want to show the public that they are valued. They make sure that there is a way to reach out to the public, and they use social media because they are humanizing their brand. The human side of the brand is going to make the company more profitable, and the company is going to be happy to let the interaction with the public guide how they manage all their products.

The company is there to be sure that they have a way to reach out to the customers that they have with an online site. The online site that they have is easy to shop on, and they are selling for all the customers they have. The things that people are going to buy on the site will come to them at a better price, and they get direct buying from the company so that they get the original style.

The last thing that any company is going to do is look at how they are changing their selling programs to make sure that they are going to have all their customers be happy. The customers that are buying from the company are there to make sure that they can get the customer to buy all their products because they are so invested in what the company is.

There are a lot of people who are going to need to buy from a competition because they are doing all the things that you should be doing. The best parts of the companies are going to come to the forefront because they are going to sell the right way. Someone who wants to have the company sell to them knows to know how they are going to sell.

You can sell better from your website when you have used all the right kinds of things that you are going to sell. Your designs that are online are there to be sold to the public that expects you to do the things that you should be doing. They will start to buy from you when you are using all ten of these tips.