Have you ever made a trip to a casino and thought that you’d just stop in, spend a little bit of money and leave in an hour, only to end up broke five or more hours later when you do leave? If you answered “yes” to this question, you’re not alone. Casinos have a special way to hook you in and keep you there for hours – without you even realizing it. They are designed to keep you in a money-giving haze for hours, below are some tricks that almost every casino makes to keep you inside their doors all day.

The “Labyrinth” Design
The ever-going sea of machines and tables create confusion and obstacles that will keep players from leaving. Clusters of the same machines are scattered everywhere and often leave players lost and confused.

Along with twists and turns, most casino-goers mistakenly think they can just turn back the same way. What they won’t realize is that the pathway leading out is different and completely unfamiliar. The taller machines are the most spread out and take up most of the floor and cause barriers to the players and the exit. Modern casinos will have a lower ceiling design, which prevents players from seeing any help out and causes them to stay, play and spend more money.

Free Alcohol
This should be the most transparent way casinos keep their players inside. Not many people will turn down a free drink. You can find cocktail waitresses all over the casino floor, with trays full of free alcohol. Offering free alcohol throughout the night is how casinos keep their players happy and feeling good.

Not only does it make players feel good, but alcohol can make the smartest players sloppy. An alcohol buzz can ruin a player’s strategy, and it can make them more liberal with their money. Putting down too many free drinks could be the difference between leaving a casino with a little more cash and leaving broke.

Other Free Things
Casinos often offer reduced or free services; this isn’t the casino being nice to their players. Giving out freebies could keep a player gambling for hours. Receiving a freebie could make a guest want to play that didn’t want to play before. It also gives the illusion that the players are winning, especially if they aren’t.

Freebies are only one trick that casino owners have up their sleeve to keep players inside their casinos. Whenever they give out freebies, otherwise known as comps, they are making hundreds of dollars back from the same people who are receiving their freebies.

Near Wins
Every game in a casino is designed to let players win small in a short period of time but the longer they stay, the more they lose. Why do the players keep staying and playing? They keep getting near wins that keep them thinking they are going to win eventually. It makes them overestimate their chances of winning, Near wins are the most important part of a casino’s success. If the players don’t like their chances of winning, they will move on eventually.

Service Locations
If a player or guest wants to use the bathroom, get some food or cash out their chips, they have to go through a maze of machines and tables. This maze often goes deep into the casino and is the casino’s last ditch effort to keep guests and players inside. They will often keep these services as far away as the can. They do this to interest guests that don’t want to play into playing or to interest a player that has just cashed in their winnings to try their luck at a different game. It is all set up to get more money out of people.

The Decor
Casinos are always trying to make their players feel like they are at home. One of the ways they accomplish that is the dim lighting. They want their players to stay in their seats longer and know that giving them the feeling of safety and security will do so.

Casinos pick their carpeting to keep players inside as well. Most people think their carpets are tacky but don’t realize that casino designers pick the patterned designs on purpose. Studies show that they are mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye. Most casinos choose red for the color of their walls because it can evoke a safe and comfortable feeling.

Casinos will often play soft music to get their players in a trance-like state of mind.
Casinos are kept clean, calm and inviting in the hopes that players will stay and play longer.

The General Activity
When players walk into a casino, they will hear bells ringing, see siren-like lights, hear change clanging, and much more. These sights and sounds are overwhelming so players will see and hear that people are winning, even if they are losing. The general activity going on inside a casino, from people making happy noises to their happy dances, are almost like a magnet to others who want to feel that happy and feel like they’re going to win.

No Windows or Clocks
Casinos don’t have any windows or clocks for two reasons. Not many people carry around watches and will also keep their phones on silent and forget about them. If there are no windows or clocks around, it makes it harder for players to realize how much time they are wasting. Casinos also don’t want any distractions from the outside world to make a player get up and out of the casino. Time can fly if one is having fun and so can their money.

Just because casinos use these tricks to keep you inside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. If you want to visit a casino remember to only take what you can afford to </strong>lose</strong>, keep your phone with you at all times and don’t fall to their tricks when entering their labyrinth-like design.